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Evolution of Pet Toy market in Korea


In the past, the only toy you can find was cheap dog toys price from $0.50 to $2.


As time goes Korean pet market divided into two, cheap market and premium market.
Toy market also changed. Various toys made with various materials and designs came out.

Premium market customers are looking for more joyful toys that are safe to use for their beloved fluffy friends.
Now it is 2018, these are the most popular pet toys in Korea


Interactive toys



Latex toys



Plush toys



NOA is exclusively distributing Lanco, 100% natural latex toy with food-grade dyes from Spain.
Since launch of the brand back in 2016, sales revenue increased 150%.
Customer reaction has changed as well.
Price of Lanco toys are above the average pet toys in the market.
At first, the price was a problem for customers. However, 2 years of marketing that focuses on dogs also need safe toys, repurchase rates increased dramatically. 

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