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3 things you will find different in Korean Pet Market




As far as location of South Korea seem to be, Korea has unique Pet Market. Here is what NOASHOP discovered what is different from overseas pet market.

1. 80% of dog population is Small & Petite dogs

Housing is the main reason the pet population is concentrated with Small breeds. Majority of Korean people live in multiplex residential housing – apartments. Some apartments do not allow pets. On the other hands, some apartments allow only small breeds.

Or preference. Certain breeds are popular or known as easy to be together in Multiplex residential housing such as Toy Poodles, Malteses or Pomeranians.

Therefore, small breeds are the main target. From pet food sizes to toys and leashes sizes, NOASHOP also focuses on small sized products.

However, population of medium and big sized breeds are dramatically increasing these days.










2. Pet clothing market is big – even cats



The biggest pet fair held in November 2017 in KINTEX. Among 900 booths, 400 booths were Pet Fashion related companies. From denim jackets to bath robes. Number of companies were manufacturing clothes only for cats.

(2017 K-Pet Fair)


As much as Korean people love fashion, pet apparel take huge part in the industry.



3.  Commercial Pet Cafes and Playgrounds are popular.





Apartment complex residence also increase in indoor pets. Highly metropolitan city Seoul is full of cars with narrow sidewalks. South Korea in generally has very specific rules on pet in public. Pet must be leashed at all times. However, public pet park is very limited. Therefore, pet parents go to these places to have fun with their animal companions especially larger breeds’ parents visit  these places a lot.

The unique part is Pet Cafes, Playgrounds owns little shops inside. NOASHOP has been distributing partner’s brands to Pet cafes and playgrounds. Sales revenue is increasing every year.



With 10 years of experiences with pet industry, NOA can help you to find right items for right target market in South Korea. It is time to expand your business.




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