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How to successfully promote your pet business in Korea

If you have great product lines and successful domestic sales record, that is when you need to open your eye up to international market to expand your business.

However, without understanding of target market, it would be very difficult to succeed especially when it comes to marketing. You will find the right key to successfully promote your pet business here.




Naver is dominating search engine in Korea. Naver has 42,000,000 users. Considering Korean population (approximately 52,000,000), they have massive users. But we are not only talking about the size. The reason why Naver is dominating the market is that Naver is Yahoo! Answers, Blogger, YouTube and Google’s paid search combined. When people search for something, from blog posts to academic articles 16 service categories show result related to the search word.  All I need to do is clicking the category of result we want or Never even shows summary of all categories.

For business, Naver Blog is a huge promotion market. Paid or non-paid bloggers posts tons of product reviews with various photos and videos.

Naver Blog result of “Dog toy”

When you search “Dog toy” on Never and click Blog category, 14,064 posts related to dog toys will come up. The posts that appeals on first 3 pages are either sponsored posts or top blogger’s posts.
Of course there are more chance to be seen when posts about your products shows on the first page. Top bloggers know SEO know-hows. Therefore it is guaranteed that market already seen, and heard about your company or product through Naver.

NOASHOP is also regularly posts reviews and news on Naver Blog through number of top pet bloggers.


NOASHOP Blog post about snacks
NOASHOP blog post about dog step

2. Korean exhibitions are focused on B2C attendees!

Korea Pet Show
K-Pet Fair


There are 2 biggest exhibition in pet industry – Korea Pet Show (35,000 visitors 300 booths) and K-pet Fair(43,000 visitors 900 booths). Both events exhibit twice a year. Huge difference from any other exhibitions in other countries is that these events focus on B2C. 80% of visitors are B2C transaction. Therefore, it’s a great opportunity to promote new brand or new product.

NOA held launching event last K-Pet Fair 2017 for Pura Naturals Pet successfully.


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Priority of distribution for NOA is enhancing brand value. NOA will be a successful partner for your business.


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